A new era is upon us. Where do the Kings go from here with the roster?

I've been looking forward to this post for awhile. (Not really.) Where do the Kings go from here? With the news of Michael Malone being hired yesterday (or presumed to start the process of Malone being hired within the next few days), and with the news of the sale officially closing, and with the news […]

Kings hire Michael Malone to be the new head coach

Mike Malone. This is the new head coach ladies and gentleman. Like him, hate him, leave him, or don't. You can read Sam Amick's writeup at USA Today, or Ramona Shelburne's (of ESPN). Jason Jones also reports everything that Amick and Shelburne have said. Adrian Wojnarowski said that Malone plans on bringing in his father […]

Kings drop to 7th overall pick in June Draft

Well. Another year. Another apocalypse on Twitter, message boards and the like because the Kings didn't get the #1 pick. There is no controversy in the Kings getting a great player because, hell, what if they aren't that many great players in this draft to get? Also, don't you know the Kings are supposed to […]

So what do the Kings do now?

Where do the Kings go from here? Who does Vivek Ranadive hire as a GM to replace Geoff Petrie? Who do the Kings hire to replace the almost certainly fired Keith Smart? Do they go analytical? Do they do other things with their front office? Who is their franchise player? Do they have a franchise […]

StR comment about Smart

Fire Smart don't fire Smart, as long as Cousins behaves like a selfish entitled asshole it makes no difference who the head coach actually is. It's a players league, not a head coach's rotation league. If you have star talent setting the tone, the rotations can still be wacky and not to the fans or […]

Kings lose to the Clippers 112-108

Normally I'd break down the game, and what went right, wrong etc, etc etc. Who cares? Tonight was about the end of an era, and barring a really stupid decision by the Board of Governors in New York a couple of weeks from now, perhaps the last game ever in Sacramento. You know what? I […]

Why Sacramento is still better than Seattle (as if it was ever a debate anywayz….)

What started out was a response to TZ's post became a full blown post on it's own. I apologize in advance. Some music for ya: http://youtube.com/watch?v=l7v8zaoEYCI?feature=player_detailpage We've talked a lot about how the revenue issue's of each side have been broken down. What has not been discussed much is the reality of what actually raises […]

Kings meetings in NYC go well according to Kevin Johnson and Investors

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson was extremely confident. Vivek Ranadive was extremely confident. Darrell Steinberg was extremely confident. Mark Mastrov acted like he wasn't part of the dance even though he was. As I said on Twitter at one point, doesn't anybody in this group have an ego? Well the answer is of course this group […]

City of Sacramento approves term sheet with a 7-2 vote

There are times and places, where you just don't want to be somewhere, and you say fuck it, I'm leaving. I did that tonight at City Hall. I almost left until I ran into one of the co-founders of Crown Downtown @JayMarZZ. I said screw it, I'll stick around. I did.  It ended up being […]

The Term Sheet is out, yippee!!! What’s in it?

There is a term sheet. So there is that. Now it's onto the bid, which, if you believe David Stern and I do not, Stern said he expected the variances in bid (i.e. more money from the Sac bid) to be eliminated. In otherwords: We're not making the Maloofs take less money for what they […]

Vivek Ranadive is part of the new potential Kings ownership group

Rather than going on and on, I'll just say that the announcement of Ranadive has come in place of an announced term sheet that the city was hoping to have by today. However, let me state a few things that are important. One is that the term sheet doesn't need to be released, technically, until […]

What kind of solutions to the Kings roster problems exist?

Yesterday, Greg Wissinger of Sactown Royalty posted a great piece on which pieces to keep and trade moving forward. (Assuming the team stays of course. ;aoejvo[p3u45-09345-9-093-495 Sorry, I'm tired of writing that. Moving on…) I said the first piece I'd build around was Tyreke Evans. Why? Other than having the most talent of any player […]