Isaiah Thomas didn’t make the All Rookie 1st team…OH NOEEEZZZ!

If you can’t tell by the title, I think the All-Rookie team is silly. Just check this list out. Should Isaiah be on the 1st team? Yeah, he should be, but guess what? Who cares. Did Isaiah have a better season than Iman Shumpert, Klay Thompson or Brandon Knight? Absolutely did. Let’s keep this in […]

Should the Kings go for talent or leadership in the upcoming draft?

The title is self explanatory to me, but this draft will come down to two players for most people (if Anthony Davis is not available and in that case will be the Kings pick): Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Andre Drummond. For me the question is: Is leadership necessary in the long run for this team, or […]

Should Tyreke Evans get an extension?

Let me save you the trouble of understanding my position of a possible Tyreke Evans extension: Hell no. Hell to the effin A without a doubt no. That’s how bad Evans has been this season. I bring this up because the excellent Phillip Rossman-Reich of Orlando Magic Daily and Crossover Chronicles (Bloguin’s NBA blog) brought […]

Should Kings fans support the Kings in spite of the Maloofs?

For a lot of Kings fans, support of the team at the moment is not only the issue, but the absolutely imperative first last and only question. Should you buy season tickets? That’s up to each individual to determine for themselves. But don’t kid yourselves: You’re not starving the Maloofs revenue. It won’t make that […]

The Maloofs are clueless and reckless in equal measures

The title…yeah that’s pretty much the short version. The Maloofs don’t want to be in Sacramento. They are backtracking away from a deal they said they were comfortable with. Now they are faced with the reality that the Kings will no longer be theirs. Except, the Family has refused to accept it and will fight […]

Meet Ron Burkle

Ron Burkle is an interesting name that has been tossed around. Recently, Ailene Voisin mentioned that another possible buyer is out there. Today, it was put out to the media that another possible buyer that is “based” in California. As I’m writing this, it’s not yet known how long it make take the Maloofs to […]

What is the Maloofs end game?

That’s the question isn’t it? I mean, really, how hard is this to understand? What is the Maloofs goal in all of this? To make more money. We know that much. We know that the first goal of the family is to be in Anaheim. So, where is all this at now? Where it’s at […]

What is the greatest need of the Kings?

What is the greatest need? Is this need the SF spot? A starting PG? Is it a defensive stud like Anthony Davis from the draft? These are the tough questions as this quandry is the typical problem NBA teams face this time of year. The biggest need….. The biggest need that I see with this […]

Kings add Terrence Williams on 10 day contract = NOOOOOO!

I am not a fan of Terrence Williams as you might have guessed. Williams has bounced around from New Jersey, to their D-League affiliate in Springfield Ill, to Houston, to their D-League affiliate in Rio Grande TX, and now the Kings pick up T-Will on a 10 day contract. Why? To see how big of […]

JJ Hickson is waived; I also don’t care about that dang draft pick

I know this will seem a bit out of the ordinary to talk about with what I typically write about these days (hate Tyreke Evans, nod judiciously over Cuz’s improvement and hype up any other player who actually hustles and runs an actual NBA play) so admittedly I realize this is above my paygrade. But […]

Kings out execute Wolves in 2nd half; Kings win 115-99

There are very few games, especially when it’s been a bad team, where the write-ups are really fun to write. One of those reasons is that recaps enforce the idea of recall of what happened that, especially in retrospect, why the game ended up with the outcome that it ended up with. This is one […]