Kings with pathetic effort against Knicks; Lose 114-92

The title says it all. It was a pathetic effort. Really, I wasn’t happy. The Kings didn’t look happy. Paul Westphal can’t be happy. And, you know what? Good. This team has a lot of work to do. The good news? Perhaps some of these young players (aka Tyreke and DeMarcus) stop fighting the coaching […]

New York Knicks at Kings: Game 4

Well it’s the Knicks and the Kings at PBP. (Calling it Arco seems strange cuz it ain’t going back to that.) Okay, so that’s that. The Knicks are this. The Kings are that. Oh, and Kings DRTg and ORtg track? The ORtg is 100.7 (for 20th) and 109.1 (24th) for the DRtg.

Kings lose to Bulls 108-98; A play by play of what went wrong last night

Here is the B-Ref boxscore, the Hoopdata Boxscore but I imagine you’re pretty nauseous from all the poor decision making the Kings showed. Rather than just do the typical game comments, I’m going to relay what I noticed from re-watching the game. (This is a laborious process and took me about 3 hours. Please keep […]

Chicago Bulls at Kings: Game 3

The Kings play the Bulls tomorrow. This is the Bulls team that won 62 games last season, but this is also the Bulls team that lost to the Warriors on Monday. “When you’re on the road, you have to understand how difficult it is to win on the road. You prepare yourself by being ready […]

Kings lose to the Blazers 101-79

Here is the Box Score in case you care about that sort of thing. These are games that are always tough to write about because of the complicated nature of the struggles. I suppose I’ll start with Tyreke Evans: He flat out stunk tonight. He should be ashamed of his performance and go at Chicago […]

Game 2: Kings at Portland Trail Blazers

Well game 2 is here. The Kings are 1-0, and getting to 2-0 is going to be harder than it was getting to 1-0. First off there is the fact that this is a road game. (Although the Kings will be back in Sac by about 1230 or 1am.) There is the emotional high from […]

A letter to Tyreke Evans

Dear Tyreke Evans: Today in the Bee, Ailene Voisin has a column dedicated to the potential brilliance of you, Tyreke Evans. It’s worth reading naturally, but there is a lot of meat to the piece. Since you’re probably busy playing Call of Duty or some other video game I’ve never heard of or don’t care […]

Welcome to the saga that is…wait for it….Chuck Hayes

Chuck Hayes and saga go together as well as Vodka and Breast Milk. (I stink at metaphors.) Yet, because the Cleveland Clinic has cleared Chuck Hayes, which is without question great news for Hayes, is exactly where the Kings are at right now. When Hayes potential signing first leaked, my biggest complaint was that it […]

Kings managed to nip Warriors at the end; Win 95-91

If you’ve seen the boxscore, you’ll know it was ugly. 27 Turnovers ugly. And, I’ll get to that. First I’d just like to say, again, for the record, that it’s nice to be discussig actual basketball. Even though we’ve had a slew of games recently of the pre-season, after the long lockout and the silly […]

What do the Kings do now that they no longer have Chuck Hayes?

Well, there are multiple options I guess. One is they can stand pat and let their current rotation of big’s man the middle for them. I’m not sure if I’m ready to believe that a Cousins/Hickson/Thompson rotation really works however. The first available option would be to re-sign Dalembert given that Sammy is still on […]

Chuck Hayes fails physical; contract voided

I was going to write something long and irritating, but instead I’ll just say this. It sucks, I was looking forward to seeing Chuck Hayes play in a Kings uniform, and best of wishes to Chuck Hayes and his family.

Kings lose to Warriors 107-96

First off, I’d like to say it’s great to watch basketball again. That’s first and foremost. Here is the boxscore. Some random thoughts before I hit a bullet point. It’s quite possible the Kings were playing without their entire opening day starting frontline tonight: Cousins, Hayes & Salmons. Because of the circumstances surrounding the game, […]

Attempting to configure trades using the Kings cap space

A lot of people are still hoping Andrei Kirilenko is a player the Kings can go out and get. At 3 years 27 million it’s a risk, but this team is at that juncture where a risk is more than reasonable. In fact, a risk is outright mandatory for a team that needs to get […]