Maloofs-NBA make official sale announcement to Chris Hansen

The Maloofs and the NBA have made their announcement. Whoopty fucking doo. Does it change anything? Not especially, no.  First, are the Maloofs the Captain's of SS Lord Douchebag? You  bet. Today's announcement changes nothing. It's still in the hands of the BoG (the fact that the Maloofs never entertained outside buyers is not surprising […]

Trading for Rudy Gay: Why?

Today, after Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports said Phoenix and Memphis were involved in trade talks with Rudy Gay, the Memphis Commercial-Appeal followed up with saying the Kings had inquired about Gay, too. Why? Seriously. Gay is a volume shooter who is decent in some ways, and is what he is.  Why do the Kings […]

Can the Kings fix the current logjam by trade?

Let's be honest: The logjam of G's does not work for this team, and part of the success for the players recently has been not dealing with the logjam of said G's. It's easier to operate if you have a better idea of how and where are you going to work ahead of time. It […]

Kings beat Cavaliers on road and other thoughts

Well it's been awhile since I compared Boogie Cuz to Marvin from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (and I'm right dammit!), but well, apparently DeMarcus Cousins got the message about what passing actually means from the right spots on the floor. It's amazing (and depressing) that the best passer on this team is Cousins who […]