Thinking about Andrei Kirilenko….a bit more

Yesterday I thought an Andrei Kirilenko acquisition was overkill. Today I think that too, but there are other things out there to consider that I hadn’t as of then considered. Numero Uno: Andrei Kirilenko plays the 3 and plays the 4. My general impressions are that Francisco Garcia is the backup SF and will play […]

Chuck Hayes has signed with the Kings for 4 years 21.3 million

I’m rooting for Chuck Hayes. I’m going to let go my feelings of ineptitude on the Maloofs part. It’s simply not something that I have any control over. So, it’s usually best to understand that, while you can want what you want, when it’s in the hands of others that’s the way it is. Can […]

Ken Berger has some more details about the new CBA

This is going to be short I promise you. Ken Berger of CBS Sports has a piece up that I think has some really important tidbits that will matter moving forward. The minimum team salary will be 80 percent of the salary cap in 2011-12, 85 percent in ’12-’13 and 90 percent in ’13-’14.  The […]

Kings 2011-2012 schedule is out

Well, you have no doubt heard. The schedule is out. And, like any truncated timetable of a schedule, this is a doozy. January is a killer. There is 12 road games and 5 home games. All the home games are imminently winnable with New Orleans (without Chris Paul no less), Milwaukee, Orlando, Indiana and Denver […]

Tyson Chandler: Does it make sense?

Since I’ve talked about the Nene/Sam Dalembert pipe dream, I should admit that I’ve always known it was a pipe dream. After all, doing so (overpaying Nene/Dalembert at the same time while re-signing Marcus Thornton) was going to be a stretch on all 3 counts. Nothing wrong with that, and I still don’t think it […]