What kind of solutions to the Kings roster problems exist?

Yesterday, Greg Wissinger of Sactown Royalty posted a great piece on which pieces to keep and trade moving forward. (Assuming the team stays of course. ;aoejvo[p3u45-09345-9-093-495 Sorry, I'm tired of writing that. Moving on…)

I said the first piece I'd build around was Tyreke Evans. Why? Other than having the most talent of any player on the roster, yes including DeMarcus Cousins, Evans is still very young and has a great chance to grow despite having 4 years of NBA time already. Having an ownership group with actual resources, an actual basketball management group with actual resources, and a NBA head coach whose philosophy doesn't include switching the rotation around all the time. (There is no way Keith Smart returns even if he's not the problem. Which, Smart is not.) 

The problem with Tyreke? He's a Restricted Free Agent, and keeping him could be costly. Which at that point you have to ask: Is Tyreke worth it? That's a question for another day. Today for simplicity purposes I'll say yes.

What do you do with DeMarcus Cousins? Do you keep him? Do you trade him? Do you offer him a lucrative extension?

Right now, I'd lean towards keeping Cousins, not trading him and certainly not offering Cousins a lucrative extension.