Vivek Ranadive is part of the new potential Kings ownership group

Rather than going on and on, I'll just say that the announcement of Ranadive has come in place of an announced term sheet that the city was hoping to have by today.

However, let me state a few things that are important. One is that the term sheet doesn't need to be released, technically, until Tuesday at 6pm. Which, in case you're wondering, is when the council meeting takes place. 

That said, John Shirey, the Sacramento City Manager, also knows that Steve Cohn, resident financial guru on the city council, won't approve of the measure without having seen the term sheet and having the opportunity to go over the details with a fine tooth comb. That's how Cohn works. Shirey knows Cohn will say yes if the deal works, and no if it does not. But he won't blindly approve this deal, and that's the good news for the city of Sacramento. Steve Cohn is nothing if not vigilant. 

So if the term sheet comes out tomorrow, it's not a big deal. Does Vivek Ranadive announcement outweight that reality?

Not really, no. But, it doesn't have to either. What matters is that the city is able to vote on the term sheet next Tuesday, and what really matters is that the public portion of a new arena is still there. Everything else is details, and as David Stern said so infamously during the 2011 lockout: "Everything is negotiable." 

So, if you're looking for more to read about Ranadive, check out the Wiki profile where the references are. That will give you a ton of reading material. 

Until then, I want to see the term sheet. Expect a profile of the city council coming sometime over the weekend along with analysis of the term sheet if and when it ever gets released. (I'm betting it's tomorrow. Hopefully I'm right.)

Alrighty then, until next time then.