StR comment about Smart

Fire Smart don't fire Smart, as long as Cousins behaves like a selfish entitled asshole it makes no difference who the head coach actually is.

It's a players league, not a head coach's rotation league. If you have star talent setting the tone, the rotations can still be wacky and not to the fans or media liking, but there are significantly less problems.

That isn't the case here. Unless a new head coach can guarantee that Evans and Cousins are leading the way next season, and there is no-one on planet Earth that can do that IMO, it makes no difference whether or not Smart is retained as the head coach.

The only thing that keeping Smart will do is convince the whole lot of fans, or pretty much all of them anyway, that this roster is still rebuilding and there is a need for a stop gap due to the ownership situation. If he isn't fired, it might be a mistake just in the sense for political reasons a lot of fans aren't convinced that new ownership isn't doing everything it can to change the situation.

Got news for folks: Doesn't matter who the head coach is next season. Firing Keith Smart will come down to one thing: Politics. And that's it. Whether or not you accept that is another matter, but the NBA is still a players league, and will be in the 2013-14 season too. Not a head coach's rotation league. Players settle rotations, not head coaches. The sooner people accept that, the easier things will go. Of course, that goes against almost all fans natural proclivities to begin with and won't happen so the clamoring for a fresh start will happen until it happens.

Which 2 months into the season fans will complain about the new head coach's rotation because the head coach doesn't micromanage every second of every day the way Joe Fan would.

Same as it ever was.

Until Tyreke Evans smacks the shit out of Cousins and says "Get the fuck out of my way child I got this" and then literally proceeds to kick the shit out of Cousins because he's got more talent and just because he can, this team is screwed. As long as this team's best talent is Evans and Cousins is the dominant personality, this team is absolutely 100% grade A screwed.

Until DeMarcus Cousins stops acting like a pouting asshole who continues to perfect the art of pussy ball, this team is screwed. Pussy ball = taking charges instead of meeting players at the rim and using fouls appropriately. DeMarcus Cousins has proven one thing: He ain't willing to play NBA Big Man defense. And no, I'm not saying that taking charges makes him a pussy. I'm saying that DeMarcus Cousins running under smaller players while they are in the air MAKES HIM A PUSSY. And if nothing else, I have no use for pussy ass poser's like DeMarcus Cousins.

No head coach can build a competent NBA defense when you have players like Cousins anchoring it. NOBODY.

Which is not to say that Evans isn't just as responsible for the problems on this roster, but with noise like Cousins it makes it impossible to fix this roster as long as Cousins' noise rues the day.

Natch. It won't matter. Unless there's a new head coach, unless Tyreke Evans is used properly and puts Cousins under his thumb to boot, unless Cousins gets a lobotomy, unless players settle the rotations, unless there's an actual franchise backing actual competent NBA people or what constitutes competent NBA people in this day and age, and unless Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha all emerge from the hillside to settle the townspeople, I'm pretty sure every decision will be met with outrage and derision.

Egads. <a href="">Same as it ever was</a>.