So what do the Kings do now?

Where do the Kings go from here? Who does Vivek Ranadive hire as a GM to replace Geoff Petrie? Who do the Kings hire to replace the almost certainly fired Keith Smart? Do they go analytical? Do they do other things with their front office? Who is their franchise player? Do they have a franchise player? What kind of cap room do the Kings have? What does the draft offer in terms of improvement? Are trades out there to be had?

Well there is a lot of do's in there isn't it?

Who replaces Geoff Petrie? Well, that's an interesting question. There are two schools of thought here: One is to give Petrie a transition period with new management. The other is to start completely fresh.

First off, here's what I think about the transition period: Hell to the fuck no. And this is why. James Ham had a nicer, far less offensive post about it, and while I disagree with a few things (mainly his MLE assessment–and have for many years I might add), I think James was spot on with his assessment otherwise. Thomas Robinson was drafted because of his readiness from the jump. He turned out to be less ready than Andre Drummond. Yes, seriously


Yes. You heard me right. 


As far as the salary cap, yes I've addressed that awhile ago too. Until we know what slot the Kings are at in the draft (anywhere from 1-9 is possible), and what the Kings do with Tyreke Evans as far as a new contract goes (and that could go in a lot o directions honestly), it's hard to say exactly what will happen. 

The new head coach? I'm of the opinion ownership and management up top need to be on the same page before hiring a new head coach. Without that, and that was partly led to Rick Adelman leaving ultimately in 2006 (and that wasn't even close to being the whole story as we all know), it's impossible to get a head coach being effective in the longer term.

The good news? There are a lot of head coaches out there both of the young assistant variety that have been mentioned and discussed already (Michael Malone in Golden State and Brian Shaw in Indiana to name two), former head coaches with resumes like Jerry Sloan, Stan and Jeff Van Gundy, Nate McMillan, Lawrence Frank and Byron Scott.

While I'm at, as I was writing this, Ryan Lillis broke the news that Keith Smart will rep the Kings at the lottery tomorrow.

See? Not everything is sinister. Sometimes things aren't as clear-cut as some would like to believe. Due to @NBA rules, and the NBA literally retweeted my tweet right after saying so (which tells me a lot) which means that literally unless the Maloofs sent a fan or a player from the team, there was no way the Maloofs were going to send anyone else. Since, according to Lillis in the tweet above there was a pre-existing arrangement, at least the Maloofs honored that. So that's….something.

My point here is that Keith Smart reppin' the Kings is not the end of the world. And as Jon Santiago pointed out, it's simply a Maloof decision that means nothing when Vivek Ranadive and his group take over the team (hopefully on June 1st–the sooner the better).

Btw, in case you are wondering about the event at Cesar Chavez Park (Between 9th & 10th streets and I & J streets in DT Sac across from Sac City Hall), it's from 5-9pm this Thursday.

Okay, now I'm getting to the least favorite part of this discussion: Do the Kings have a franchise player, whom they should draft, and so on? 

Answer: As of now, there is no franchise player. Nerlens Noel is my simple preference for the draft if the Kings get the opportunity to take him. (They might not.) As far as trades, those are interesting questions. But unless you are in the room taking part of the process, rumors just do not simply suffice as an adequate representation of what trades are actually out there.

In short, so much of this process is fluid, and because the difficulty of settling the Kings ownership question took so long, it probably killed the Kings chances at a playoff run this season. But apparently, there is enough enthusiasm for season tickets as of now anyway.

But a playoff run in 2015 is not that bad of a thing once things get under control truth be told. The Warriors made a playoff run 2 years after ownership were hired, and well this ownership gets more control more quickly than that ownership group with Joe Lacob, Peter Guber and Vivek Ranadive got when the took over the Warriors. (The reason the Warriors ownership group hired Smart was how late in the season it was. It was a bad time to hire head coaches in September, in otherwords.)

At any rate, we shall see moving forward. Which is the most intriguing part I think. But this will be a slow process, and all of the changes fans are hoping for are probably not likely to happen as easily or as simply as one might hope. Be prepared for that, and expect this process to play out for the next few seasons at best. Because that's where this is headed.

Before you complain though, remember one thing: Would you have a winner next year in Seattle or a team in Sacramento for eternity? Think about that every time before you complain heavily.