NBA’s Relocation Committee Recommends 12-0 to vote against relocation to Seattle

In case you haven't noticed yet, that means the committee, that by most estimation has the recommendation that guides the other owners (after all that's why it's a committee) just voted against relocation to Seattle.

To be clear, what this is a recommendation to not relocate. The committee of 12 voted unanimously to deny relocation. This has nothing to do with the sale, but in fact has everything to do with the sale. The reason is two fold: One is that the sale will

What do you think the odds are that Chris Hansen can convince other owners that he will be willing to accept the term sheet that the city of Sacramento agreed to with Vivek Ranadive, Mark Mastrov, the Jacobs and whomever else they are trottiing out today to be the new public trophy.

On a more serious note, I'll just pass along 1 of the 8 billion places on Twitter and elsewhere in the universe you can find this news. I'll just save the time and embed a few of Aaron Bruski's tweets on the topic and add the 8 trillion pieces of reacton you're going to find at some point or another.


There are many people to thank right now, and I have no clue where to begin with that. Like everyone else, life is going to intervene for me in the next few hours but hopefully by tonight I'll offer my more in depth thoughts on the topic.

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