Maloofs-NBA make official sale announcement to Chris Hansen

The Maloofs and the NBA have made their announcement. Whoopty fucking doo. Does it change anything? Not especially, no. 

First, are the Maloofs the Captain's of SS Lord Douchebag? You  bet. Today's announcement changes nothing. It's still in the hands of the BoG (the fact that the Maloofs never entertained outside buyers is not surprising to anyone) which is where it's been since last April. 

Do I think the Kings are gone to Seattle? I think the likelihood is higher because typically the BoG has owners that do not want to block the sale of someone else in case they themselves get in a hairy situation down the line. 

On the other hand, the league is stuck with a difficult case of two markets that have a strong history of support, one with a bit higher TV market (which is being somewhat exaggerated by some like JA Adande).  David Aldridge is saying the Maloof Family didn't have a vendetta but nobody stepped up to buy the team. ( Cough Cough Bullshit Cough Cough.) Matt Steinmetz reported that the Maloofs tried to shop the deal to Larry Ellison, but that Ellison said no. 

Here's the bottom line: The league would benefit from both cities. Sacramento benefits more, just as Seattle benefits  more in all honesty, from the Kings staying in Sac and Seattle getting an expansion team in 2014. But do the owners see that right now? Maybe, maybe not. 

My main takeaways today are: The Maloofs are going to sell. Which means if the NBA did want to screw them over here, much  like the Maloofs did to the NBA and Sacramento last April, now would be the time. If David Stern wanted to make sure expansion is very much on the table, is there a better way to do it than this? I'm guessing probably  not.

Sonics fans don't really benefit from stealing the Kings, and Kings fans don't benefit from having an expansion team to reboot their love affair. It just doesn't help either side as much, and expansion for Sacramento makes a lot less sense than expansion for Seattle. With Seattle, it makes sense because they are a larger market.

That's rationalizing. Whatever the owners think is best for their franchise values is how they will likely vote unless Stern and/or Kevin Johnson and/or unnamed person has something up their sleeve. If nothing else, I'd say it's a 100% guarantee Seattle has a team. The question is how at this juncture.

The Maloofs are done as NBA owners forever. That's the good news for all concerned. Their worthless asses are out. The question is does the BoG see what's really going on, and do they care? Or as I wrote on Twitter last night, #MalooferyBeGone.

That's been the 525 million question for going on a year, and nothing about today's dual announcement changes that.

Oh, and one other thing program wise: The games still matter to me which is what I will focus on from here on out. Including today's game against the New Orleans Hornets on MLK day which starts in 20 minutes as I type these very words.

Go Sacramento Kings!!!!

UPDATE: In case you have not read it, read this piece by Tom Ziller today up at the SBN NBA page. It explains a lot about how crummy and worthless the Maloofs are.