Kings notes

It's been too long since I last wrote so I thought I'd release some bits of info and thoughts on the various topics of recent days.

First, last night, Mayor Kevin Johnson reported his whales to be Mark Mastrov and Ron Burkle. He also reported that Mitch Richmond would be a minority investor among the 25 or so that eventually came forward. There was also a note of corporate support said to be 50 million for 5 seasons in a new arena under new ownership. (That was how KJ stipulated it.) Additionally, we learned that 3rd graders struggle with literacy in Sacramento. All in all, it was a pretty positive night.

One interesting note was that despite the other real important news KJ had to announce, the Kings were what drew (by a very large margin) the most noise and response from the State of the City crowd as a whole. There was talk of some serious things that are incredibly important to Sacramentans (Green jobs, Farm to Fork program, raising kids literacy rates at a young age) but none of that seemed to matter as much as the state of the Kings and where KJ was at with regards to the bid and the NBA. That seems unbalanced to me, even as I write a Kings centric blog admittedly, as all these things are important. Frankly, the idea of adding more jobs is far more important than a NBA team in the grand scheme of things. Yet, at the same time, it didn't seem to hold as much traction as a basketball team for most of the crowd.

I find that both disturbing and amazing in equal measures. Moving on…..

Aaron Bruski has released a picture through a Tweet that explains how Bob Cook's 7% share might work now through the bankruptcy court. The link I just linked to in the previous sentence will take you to the picture you see below. Much thanks, yet again, to Bruski for his fine reporting and willingness to share what he's hearing (as opposed to what he wants). 

The other night in Orlando was a rare moment of clarity for a bad basketball team. They shared the basketball, played pretty hard (presumably because things were going the Kings way for a change) and, well, Orlando is a very bad basketball team. One of the few worse than the Kings right now. I do not take much solace in it despite knowing that it is possible bad teams can blow other teams out. But, at the same time, the Magic did not have Jameer Nelson or Al Harrington, and that the young players on the Magic who are getting big minutes had fairly poor games (or worse). I'm not expecting a repeat of that performance against the Spurs who do not have any of those problems. Oh, and if you do not read Orlando Magic Daily consistently, you are missing out. Philip is one of the best writers on any platform for any team and/or sport there is. 

In of itself, this is not big news. Aaron Brooks has been released (or waived; I'm not sure yet) and whichever one is what I suspect is the best thing for the Kings in the long term. After all, I've said it before and I'll say it again: This Kings team has way too many small G's and adding Toney Douglas did not help matters.  On the other hand, letting Brooks move on and find a way to get his NBA career back on track elsewhere is the wise and simplest thing for all parties.

Having said that, I still think it's very likely the Kings consider trading two of Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Thornton and Jimmer Fredette. Having way too many small G's is something this Kings team has a real problem with, and  unless the meshing of all 3 players gets more effective I'm not sure exactly why keeping all 3 makes sense. 

Okay that's pretty much all I have.