Kings hire Pete D’Alessandro as GM

Well. Pete D'Alessandro is the next GM. Which, I don't mind telling you. is a pretty damn good deal. D'Alessandro has been in league front offices under Chris Mullin and the last 3 years under Masai Ujiri in Denver. And yes, Denver lost both D'Alessandro and Ujiri. (Which is a different matter entirely.)

What does this mean for Sacramento? Well who knows.

Cowbell Kingdom has a nice wrapup of links that you can find on your own if you have a half interest in searching the topic. So rather than rehash things, i'll just proceed and leave you the CK link here.

D'Alessandro is supposedly a salary cap wizard, and that's something the Kings have not ever had in my estimation other than the short time Jason Levien was here, and, well, with owners like the Maloofs, it's not really all that useful unless you're selling off players. Which the Kings did a lot of during Levien's time with the Kings.

D'Alessandro obviously knows basketball talent, and used to be an agent at one point. Check.

D'Alessandro will probably work under a father figure/godfather type who will do different type things in the front office. (I'm betting it's Chris Wallace.) Here's the thing with D'Alessandro: He's said to be an analytics and cap wizard type of guy. He's a high profile well traveled type of GM that works well moving ahead.

In short, and in part because I don't know nealry enough about the guy other than looking at moves that were made during his time as an assistant to Chris Mullin and Masai Ujiri (and there are other factors there no doubt), It's hard to say exactly what D'Alessandro's credentials are without offering an opinion on him.

Now, it's pretty simple, but I like the hire. If nothing else it puts a different style of basketball management, and someone who has been involved in discussing this draft with Denver people instead of the Sacramento people. A fresh set of beliefs and perspectives are exactly what this team needs. Or that's what I believe anyway.

It's an excellent start in hiring of D'Alessandro to rebuild the front office. 

The Kings just might be on their way kiddies. And that, is really the long term news that's fit to print. Everything else is conjecture, but I do like where Vivek Ranadive has started with the rebuilding of this roster and what direction they are taking this thing so far (as much as you can tell in 2 weeks).

Until next time.