Kings hire Michael Malone to be the new head coach

Mike Malone. This is the new head coach ladies and gentleman. Like him, hate him, leave him, or don't.

You can read Sam Amick's writeup at USA Today, or Ramona Shelburne's (of ESPN). Jason Jones also reports everything that Amick and Shelburne have said. Adrian Wojnarowski said that Malone plans on bringing in his father as an assistant.

My opinion? I'm all for it. Would I have gone another way? Maybe. But it's not my call, and I have no qualms about Mike Malone after reading up on him in recent days.

Malone is defensive oriented, and that's something this Kings team needs in case you haven't noticed.

There will be more changes, and more things to come in the following days. For now, it's interesting to know that Malone is Vivek Ranadive's man, but it is interesting that Malone was not hired by the incoming GM.

That's all I got for now.