Kings drop to 7th overall pick in June Draft

Well. Another year. Another apocalypse on Twitter, message boards and the like because the Kings didn't get the #1 pick. There is no controversy in the Kings getting a great player because, hell, what if they aren't that many great players in this draft to get? Also, don't you know the Kings are supposed to suck forever while we sell out anyway? This is what we wanted, remember?


I didn't even write a piece last year during last year's lottery because, well, I couldn't figure out a good reason to. I'm tired of listening to people complain every year about dropping in the lottery. "The NBA hates us." "The NBA is rigged." "The NBA doesn't want us to be successful." And the like.

Nothing new here to present. Smoke your bong, your homey or, hell, a vato in East LA (okay don't do that one). Wake up tomorrow and it's a new day like every other before it. It's amazing how often we forget that, and need to be reminded it no matter how often and prescient it remains.

Which is a surprise for no-one at this point I think. It's par for the course. The Kings drop in the lottery or stay at the same spot, and Kings fans go "This is our lot in life, how dare the NBA upset the balance!"

Which is the only way to think about it.

If you are truly bored, laugh at my 2009, 2010 or 2011 writeup's saying roughly the same thing.