Figuring out potential trade partners for the Kings with the current roster

One of the interesting things about all this is that after all is said and done, the Kings are still not done tinkering with the roster. But doing so is going to require some creative out of the box thinking because while guys like are Rudy Gay are available in salary dumps, trading players like Marcus Thornton and Jason Thompson, whom if we're being honest would be better off somewhere else having a fresh start, is not going to be simple.

First Jason Thompson. JT has a 5% trade kicker that, interestingly enough, the Kings have to pay as a result of a change from the previous CBA. (Basically it's so teams don't give out kickers anymore, yet, here we are.) If you are looking at JT's next 3 seasons, that's going to cost Vivek and the rest of the owners 846,562.50$ at least (for the remaining 2 fully guaranteed years on the contract),  plus, after whatever amount of this season is left, if JT were getting traded, of the kicker amount (which is the same amount added to each year of the contract; it doesn't go up like salary, and it only goes up once over the life of the contract) which is 282187.50$. 

In otherwords, JT's cap number goes up, and it's going to the Kings around an extra million dollars just to trade him. Grand, isn't it? Not impossible, but it will be yet another example of how this ownership group has resources the Maloofs simply did not have in the end.