Can the Kings fix the current logjam by trade?

Let's be honest: The logjam of G's does not work for this team, and part of the success for the players recently has been not dealing with the logjam of said G's. It's easier to operate if you have a better idea of how and where are you going to work ahead of time. It simplifies things, essentially. Simple is always more effective than complicated.

Which is why a trade needs to be made, but the better question is will the Kings make a trade? Will the Maloofs (scumbags that they are) do something good for the team while it's in Sacramento rather than take out their neurotic adolescent fantasies on a city that simply wants to keep their team? Will Geoff Petrie bother to admit that the myriad mistakes he's made can be somewhat alleviated by a few trades? 

Who knows? And, worse, it may not even be possible to make a trade is the greater problem in all reality.