Welcome to the new Evil Cowtown INC!

Well, here we are. The new site. Who woulda thunk it eh? I guess the real issue is explaining the who what when why and how of it all. (Does where really matter?)

Why Evil Cowtown INC? The INC part should be self-explanatory. As far as the Evil Cowtown part, this is from Jerry Renolds seminole book “Reynolds Remembers” back in 2005. (I will refer to it as JR’s bright breezy memoir in the future.) It was a reference to Chris Webber not wanting to come to Sacramento and, of course, that “Evil Cowtown”. As a Kings fan who missed a heavy chunk of the first 8 years in Sacramento, I found the book exceptionally insightful.

I have never understood why Sacramento is considered a “Cowtown” to begin with. I know agriculture is a big deal in the Central Valley, and for a good reason no less. But for the life of me, I don’t know how growing tomatoes, rice, apples or grapes has anything to do with cows. (Or grazing these lovely obese beasts.) Maybe I just missed that day in logic class. While I know that’s really slang for being a small backwards town, Sacramento is neither small or, well, yeah it is backwards. The discussion about building a new arena would not be a decade old if Sacramentans understood the point of what progress actually entails. Or, the purpose of investment in self for that matter.

As a River City child, I grew up rooting for the Spud Webb’s-Walt Williams, Mitch Richmonds and Brian Grant’s of the world. Eventually that became Vlade Divac, Peja Stojakovic, Chris Webber, Doug Christie among others of the best teams this franchise has ever seen about a decade ago. There have been lots of lows and a few memorable highs. Hopefully, as the start of the Keith Smart-Tyreke Evans-DeMarcus Cousins era is upon us, some reasonable level of prosperity can return.

I look forward to sharing my viewpoint and irrational hatred as the most recent episode of the now 27 year old journey presses on.