Not signing Ryan Anderson has as much to do with Thomas Robinson’s value

Right now, just about anywhere in the Kings fan universe, their is cursing about the Kings not signing Ryan Anderson. (And probably Nicolas Batum too, but that was pretty unrealistic given the circumstances.)  I understand that, but I don’t agree with it. I knowthat I wrote about this a couple days ago, but I feel that more needs to be said.

Let me make this clear: I’m not defending the Maloofs. Read Marcos Breton’s column from this morning, and tell me that you don’t disagree. I know I agree with him. Not signing Ryan Anderson has nothing to do with the Maloofs; there are better legitimate reasons involved.

The biggest reason? You can’t pair up Thomas Robinson and Ryan Anderson for big batches of minutes together. Now if the Kings had drafted Andre Drummond? I would have argued Ryan Anderson would be the perfect move for the Kings instead of Jason Thompson, but the Kings didn’t want to take on that kind of project remember? Remember that? Or has too much time passed and 10 days that long ago?

This is about not only Thomas Robinson, but maximizing Ryan Anderson’s value too. If you sign Anderson to a 4 year 36 million dollar deal, something that is fucking reasonable beyond doubt and then some (never have said I don’t like RA), then the answer is of course Ryan Anderson has value. The better question: How do you maximize that value? By playing him minutes. How many matchup’s can you play Robinsona and Anderson together? A third of the league? Maybe? Neither are Centre’s and neither guy have ever been either. Neither guy has been a SF for that matter. Neither will be moving forward. There’s nothing wrong with that. It just makes it hard to sign a veteran to a big contract when you have a talented young player whom you just used a sigifnicant asset on, the fifth pick (remember? 10 days ago?), to bring into your organization. Now you want to spend significant cap space on a player who plays the same exact position because he can shoot the ball?


If you want to complain about inactivity, complain that the Kings won’t look at better options at the SF position than Terrence Williams. For awhile, I was leaning towards T-Will returning because I didn’t see a better option out there. Now, I think there is.

Here’s a trade that makes sense for both sides (in this case the Warriors): Travis Outlaw and Francisco Garcia for Dorell Wright and Richard Jefferson.

If you need to add extra talent to the Warriors that is not a draft pick (the Kings can’t trade a future pick due to owing a future 1st to Cleveland), Jimmer Fredette or Hassan Whiteside is always available. I would have no hesitation to add Jimmer especially in a deal that brought back Wright and Jefferson. If the Kings were serious about bringing in veteran talent that can help the Kings right away while filling a hole at the biggest positional hole remaining on the Kings, this is the kind of trade the Kings need to be pursuing.

This dea (with just Garcia/Outlaw)l saves 10 million for the Warriors (which is why they do it), and well the veteran filling the SF hole is why the Kings do this proposed deal.

We know that won’t happen. We know the Maloofs are pieces of shit who care about one thing and one thing only: Their checkbook. We know there is no real intention to improve the Kings product. We know that. I’m not ready to throw the pitchforks* at the Maloofs or Geoff Petrie because they didn’t sign Ryan Anderson. That actually makes basketball sense strange as that seems to say at this point.

* Feel free to throw the pitchforks at the Maloofs for whatever reason you choose. It’s not like anybody will miss them.

UPDATE: Jason Jones of the Bee has this little nugget to share:

The team is set on saving future cap space for when it’s time to negotiate with players like Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins.

And based on the offers some players are receiving in free agency, retaining Evans could cost the Kings $10 million or more a season. And if Cousins continues to develop, he figures to be a maximum-salary player.

That means any long-term money isn’t likely to be spent on adding any more veterans unless they are impact players on a team that already has John Salmons, Chuck Hayes and Travis Outlaw signed beyond the 2012-13 season.

That means you can kiss the Dorell Wright dream goodbye. Even though Richard Jefferson expires in 2014, the Maloofs will see that as “long term” money because that costs them more.

Again, the joy of dealing with ownership that has little to no reasonable resources when it comes to owning an NBA team and the joy of fielding a competitive roster with very limited resources. Could the Kings be competitive? Yeah, if Evans/Cousins ever grow up.

But it would be nice if the Kings took reasonable risks (and notice I’m not asking for outlandish horseshit here) to improve this roster without necessarily damaging the most important parts of the roster long term.

That’s not too much to ask. As long as the Maloofs own the Kings though, it will never happen.