NBA Draft Blog Drafting profile for the Kings

While most people choose (and understandably so) to use the quality resources that both Chad Ford and Jonathan Givony offer at and DraftExpress respectively, it’s also true they are not alone. If you have not read Ed Isaacson’s rather awesome (and not because it’s part of the Bloguin network) NBA Draft Blog, you should.

Here is the Kings profile he worked up with a blurb from myself. (Gotta read it there.) There is also discussion on the Bobcats, the Wizards and Cavaliers available. If that isn’t enough for you, over the last several weeks Isaacson has posted many interviews and/or analysis with/of draft prospects (some fairly well known some not) about how the draft process works. It is rather fascinating to see the draft process from someone coming into it for the first time. 

Either way, it should be a daily read when you are thinking about the draft at a bare minimum. Read it. Now

That is all minions.