Kings schedule is released; will start season in Chicago on 3 game road trip

Well, here we are again. Another season. Another opportunity for pissing and moaning about the Kings opening up on the road even though their brutal stretch is from January to March with 19 out of 31 road games.

Here is the official Kings media release in case you’re interested

There are 4 “National TV” appearances for the Kings all on NBATV. (Hence the quotes.) They are:

Nov 24th: Utah vs Sacramento 7pm PST

Dec 1st: Sacramento @ LA Clippers 1030pm PST

Dec 8th: Sacramento @ Portland 7pm PST

Feb 9th: Utah vs Sacramento 7pm PST

(I won’t even laugh at the idea of both of those Utah games are because of Jimmer. Isn’t that a given?)

Here is the whole season schedule

There are 17 back to backs, including 3 sets of 4 games in 5 nights. The Lakers come into town on Nov 21st and Mar 30th. The Heat come into town on Jan 12th. The Clippers come into town Mar 19th and Apr 17th (final game of the regular season too). The Nets come into town on Nov 18th.

The Stretch from Jan 18th to March 1st promises to be the most brutal of the entire season.

@Memphis, @Charlotte, @New Orleans, home against Phoenix and Oklahoma City, @Denver, Washington, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and at Utah. After 4 days off, the Kings play Utah again, and Houston on a home back to back. Then it’s back on the road before the All-Star break to play a back to back against Memphis and Dallas. After the break, the Kings get the Spurs at home and head out on the road. Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami, Orlando, and San Antonio hit this wonderful stretch of 5 games.

If you are hoping that the Kings make the playoffs, hope they make it from Jan 1st to Mar 1st intact. They will need all the help they can get.