Kings escape San Antonio with a victory; Win 88-86

I wish I could say I enjoyed this game (I didn’t), but a victory is a victory nonetheless. I’m so sick and tired of this team 16 games into a shortened season where the deck was so one-sided in terms of being stacked against this group that it almost feels pointless to complain. But I’m going to go right ahead and do it anyway.

This team is a terrible group of players collectively. As individuals, if they were in AAU, they’d be spectacular and dominant. The only problem with AAU ball is that it’s not real basketball by most NBA teams estimation. It’s just simply glorified streetball with slightly more organization. Do the Kings know that? Not really. They are too young. That isn’t an excuse though. That’s not all of the explanation. Part of it is the Kings, starting with the pounding dribble maestro Tyreke Evans, dribbles and then makes the most obvious of moves towards the basket. Whether it’s one of the patented ridiculously retarded spin moves by Tyreke (I really hate that), or the pump fake and drive into the lane by DeMarcus Cousins. This team simply displays it’s ignorance in the most arrogant of ways. Sometimes, it’s simply youth. But really, they can get away with it against some teams like the Spurs who are not chock full of athletes and if the Spurs have a night off like they experienced.


Let’s be honest here. San Antonio was terrible tonight. Absolutely resoundly terrible. San Antonio should have lost by at least 15 points. They were that bad tonight. Hey, those nights happen and Sacramento certainly had a small part of that. The physical nightmare in matchup’s will always pose a team like the San Antonio Spurs problems given that the Spurs focus so heavily on skills, attitude and precision. This team is literally impossible for me to enjoy given the lackadaiscal attitude, the poor ball movement, and the amount of youthful petulance exhibited all over the place (and it’s not just Cousins). This team needs to act in a professional manner, and, frankly, starting with Evans and Cousins, those two simply doesn’t seem interested in playing the part.

I was going to write what I liked about this game (there are things), but fuck this team. This team can go fuck themselves until they learn how to make an extra pass, give extra effort on every possession, and play as if there is a gameplan (there certainly is but it’s not like they care). Is it going to be pretty every night? Hell no. I’m not expecting that. Is it going to be perfect and run with absolute precision? Absolutely not. There comes a point where you either A) enjoy watching the team you’ve chosen to follow or B) you don’t enjoy that team. And I’m well beyond the point where I hate this team. That came probably from the time Westphal got fired (and nothing has happened since that tells me that Westphal should have been fired because Evans and Cousins were under performing; Neither Evans or Cousins need Westphal’s help for that), and truthfully it has absolutely nothing to do with Westphal. I absolutely 100% mean that I feel sorry for Keith Smart that he inherited two entitled spoiled brats who don’t understand what it means to run a NBA play. Or who don’t seem interested in running plays on a consistent basis.

The Kings need Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins to act like mature adults. Neither are ready, and tonight’s victory against the Spurs provides the stark reality of how immature both Evans and Cousins really are. A stark reality where Evans nearly picked up a Triple-Double (you know if he actually passed beyond the 1st half), Cousins picked up another double-double with 13 rebounds that reminds of why he went 5th in the 2010 draft in the 1st place. Neither guy won the game for the Kings, neither guy really did much to seal the victory (Cousins rebounding excepted), and both Evans and Cousins were not the real reason the Kings won. It says a lot about the Kings, and the 2 “franchise” players, that when they win it’s more about what the other team does not do than what the Kings are doing. I’m at the point where I’d rather see this team lose by 40 so I could tune them out than have to pay attention to a close game and watch glorified AAU basketball. Until Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins learn that going 1 on 1 does not really work at the NBA level on a consistent basis (especially with the way Evans/Cousins insists on doing so), this crap will continue. That’s all I got. Debbie Downer out.