Kings are moving to Virginia Beach? Mwahahahahahahaha.

Read the title. That’s what I think. I don’t mean disrespect to Virginia Beach, but here’s the bottom line: Virginia Beach has a metro area of 1.6 million people, and none of those include any in Washington DC. It’s actually bigger than Richmond VA for instance. (Allen Iverson is from nearby Hampton VA in case you need a frame of reference. Norfolk VA, the main part of the Navy fleet, is also part of the metro area.) This is also a tourist spot.

To say Virginia Beach couldn’t have a NBA team is a bit beyond the point. I just doubt it happens. I really do. The reality is that Seattle is an open NBA market, and Seattle is much bigger. Hell so is Sacramento, but let’s not get into the “what’s bigger debate” today.

You can read the original article this originated out of, and it’s making a lot of presumptions. (Like, for one, that the NBA has granted relocation which it has not.)

Moving on. Have a hearty laugh and end it with that. This isn’t happening because, frankly, the Maloofs are too Southern Calfornia’ized to ever consider it. If somebody owned the team and was from the mid Atlantic coast, I’d be especially worried. The Maloofs are not from the mid-Atlantic region so we have nothing to worry about. They want to be in Anaheim, and if they can’t be there who knows what they want at this point. (The best purchase price I would guess.)

If you wish to be worried about a locale getting the Kings, worry about Seattle. But I suspect many Kings fans are already worried about that, and why should today be anything different? (Well, other than the fact that Seattle mayor Mike McGinn — not someone I care for mind you for Seattle political reasons and not Kings related reasons — has also said that the city of Seattle won’t approve a new arena unless a NBA team is coming. You know, little stuff like that.) Answer: Nothing.

I appreciate the attempt at trollling Virginia Beach. Thanks for getting me to write a few words. Hats off to you. Peace out.