Isaiah Thomas didn’t make the All Rookie 1st team…OH NOEEEZZZ!

If you can’t tell by the title, I think the All-Rookie team is silly. Just check this list out. Should Isaiah be on the 1st team? Yeah, he should be, but guess what? Who cares. Did Isaiah have a better season than Iman Shumpert, Klay Thompson or Brandon Knight? Absolutely did.

Let’s keep this in perspective though. Isaiah was the 60th pick in a market that got very  little media attention throughout the course of the season. The fact is that until late in the season, most media people in other cities weren’t even that aware of Isaiah’s presence.

Just look at the all time rookie teams. John Stockton, Reggie Miller and Steve Nash did not make the All Rookie 1st team (there wasn’t a 2nd team when Stockton and MIller were rookies) and Nash didn’t make either 1st or 2nd rookie team. Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Kevin Love and Gary Payton made All Rookie 2nd teams. (You can argue Payton only  made it because he was the 2nd overall pick.) Would you rather have Gary Neal (a fine shooter no doubt), Channing Frye, Jorge Garbajosa and a host of funny selections over Hall of Famers? I’m not claiming Isaiah Thomas will be a HoF because I think we’ve seen Isaiah basically be as good as he can be. This edition of Isaiah Thomas is not a HoF no matter how impressive that is.

Awards don’t make players. Players make players.  Isaiah Thomas is a player. Isn’t that what matters?

I lied actually. All awards are really silly, but the All Rookie team is arguably the silliest award mechanism in all of sports. Isaiah Thomas not being on the all rookie 1st team behind Iman Shumpert, Klay Thompson (a fair argument but not one I would make) and Brandon Knight is not a grave injustice. It’s just voters not knowing better, and since when does that really matter?

To be honest, before isaiah’s late push, I wondered if Isaiah would even make the all rookie 2nd team, and now it’s pretty clear that most media and teams who voted on this award don’t pay much attention. It really argues a bigger question: If all awards are is a PR mechanism to bring attention to the NBA, why do we consider them important?

Until next time.