In other news: The Kings still stuck despite patience with a terrible roster

Here's a newsflash: The Kings aren't very good. Why? Their pieces are still mis-matched, their pieces still don't work except on paper and in the land of misfit toys, Keith Smart doesn't really seemingly get the most out of his pieces when they are going well, and well it's hard to figure out exactly what pieces are going well in all reality, and oh yeah the chemistry sucks too. Shitty owners, shitty GM, a seemingly shitty coach, a shitty rotation littered with landmines at every turn. 

But what this franchise needs is more patience, right?




Look, I don't know what to say about this team. So I'll guess I'll bullet point this after the Phoenix loss and quit while I''m ahead.

  • DeMarcus Cousins sucks on defense, on offense when shooting the ball (which is his main contribution), and makes his teammates worse while he's on the court. This is the supposed franchise player (or face of the franchise) mind you. I'm beginning to wonder if Cousins is this generations version of Derrick Coleman, and for you old arse mutha'z out there, Joe Barry Carroll. This is not flattering company folks.
  • Tyreke Evans can't even get on the court because his knee is too fucked up. When he's on the court, how exactly is he getting it done? Evans hasn't been as bad as Cousins, because let's be honest, how could you be any worse than Cousins this year? 3 suspensions, 7 technicals (although I suspect the tech against Denver might get rescinded), and the worst possible shooting percentage of any starter in the NBA this season, ,and this is Evans competition for best player on the Kings. Evans hasn't been terrible, but hasn't really been terribly impressive either. That's just the sad truth of it.
  • The 3 headed dragon of PG sucks donkey balls mainly because Isaiah Thomas and Jimmer Fredette, the two most obvious future players at the position, are in a platoon. Additionally, Aaron Brooks, the last player any Kings fan cares about, is now the starter because Keith Smart needs veteran savvy to offset that DeMarcus Cousins plays for the Kings.
  • John Salmons is not a SF. And this is not a surprise to anyone at the end of the day. The gamble has not worked. Yet, continually, because this team doesn't have a better alternative than Salmons at the starting spot, Salmons is a SF. Repeat after me: John Salmons is a ballhandling SG who can facilitate the offense. Let him be him for the love of god!
  • Marcus Thornton needs to be traded where he can actually make a difference. Because that won't be Sacramento.
  • The Kings need a starting SF. I've suggested Richard Jefferson in part because I think the Kings COULD obtain him if the right pieces and/or financial relief is offered to the Warriors. I don't know if Marcus Thornton is that piece but it can't hurt IMO. Oh, and I really love what Thornton does FWIW. It's just that what Thornton does isn't worth anything for a dysfunctional shifty crummy franchise from top to bottom. Plus Thornton is redundant with Thomas, Fredette, Evans and Brooks. Gotta thin out the "shoot first G" rotation that is the entire G rotation.
  • Chuck Hayes plays likes he cares. I wish more players on this roster did.
  • Thomas Robinson is coming along slowly. For shits and giggles, remember how Andre Drummond was too raw to be effective in the NBA? Well, I guess not. I'm not saying Drummond would do that well in Sac (it's almost a guarantee that he wouldn't given the reality of how difficult everyone is having in Sac right now), but at the same time this roster is badly underachieving due to chemistry with supposedly "veteran" and "young players who are ready to contribute immediately" pieces as is.

Alright, the bottom line is multiple pieces need to be moved, Geoff Petrie needs to be fired, and probably Keith Smart too, and the Kings still don't have a franchise player or even an All-Star player for that matter.

The Kings are last in assists for a quality reason: They are an unbalanced team that is selfish and has the wrong attitude starting with Cousins. Evans may be coming along, but I'm not convinced he can be a #1 guy on a championship caliber team. I know Cousins never will be, but that's a different conversation for a different day I suppose.

And guess what? This team has lost 5 in a row now, after winning 3 in a row, and it feels like the 3 games won was a complete mirage. Like the Mayans were taking sympathy on us because not only is the world ending, the world is ending with one of the worst franchises with a terrible mismatched no chemistry  laden roster with ownership and a president of basketball operations in complete denial and/or focused on other matters altogether.

Is it any wonder that this franchise has taken so long to rebuild? When you have no owners with resources, a GM that has seemingly lost the touch that made him one of the most respected figures in management as far back as 10 years ago, and players who for a variety of reasons and what not don't fit at all together. 

To be honest, the question has been asked repeatedly: Why should any Kings fan care? The answer: Not a jot or a tittle. Let's be fair: What's to like about this team? Think about this for a second. This is for each person to answer for their own, but there is relatively little to like about this team. Individually, and on paper, there is a lot to like about this roster. Than watching this group play together and it's really easy to wonder how anything but a train wreck could ever actually happen. How could you put this group of players together and think anything otherwise?

If the intention was to turn this fanbase off (and it's sufficiently turned off), the Maloofs have succeeded. As Aaron Bruski noted a few weeks ago: It's like a real life rendition of Major League. Only in this version, it seems like the Maloofs have succeeded in pissing off the fanbase although it doesn't really matter a great deal if the state of Virginia won't bother to kick in to make Virginia Beach's proposal fly. The good news is that the Maloofs have burned every bridge they have in the NBA and will get any more favors done them by anyone in the NBA. The only question is how this will get resolved, and who knows how that will end up? I'm not holding my breathe until a deal is signed, sealed and delivered, and an arena is being constructed in the Sac railyards.

The Kings are doomed until the Maloofs leave as owners, Petrie leaves as head of basketball operations (Prez of BBall Ops or GM–whatever), and until Evans/Cousins take the reigns or someone replacing them does. This crap will continue on the court, and the crap will continue off the court. But as long as that happens, no self respecting star (and they don't like smaller markets for business reasons) will ever bother EVEN CONSIDERING Sacramento as a viable destination. If you can't develop  your most precious resources, which for the Kings is their draft picks, you are doomed. This franchise has talent, but it cannot get itself over the hump because the resources this franchise needs is not simply there. The will of the two most important young players is not there. 

Since there really is nothing else to watch except to see how the Kings blow it this time, or which part of the melodrama the Maloofs try to steer their way, or see what esoterically undefining bullshit Geoff Petrie attempts to convince you with that he knows what he's doing, or Keith Smart trying to convince the players, himself, you that there is a plan at work even though there is almost never a conscious plan in a madhouse.

This is the Kings. A dysfunctional, disjointed, worthless almost no resource franchise and that's the kindest way I can put things. That won't change no matter how many times I wish for it down the line either.

Welcome to Kingsland kiddies. But I suspect you already knew that.