A Great article on DeMarcus Cousins in the Sporting News

I’m typically loathe to make a whole post around one article, but this isn’t just any article. It’s an in depth profile from Sporting News on DeMarcus Cousins that every Kings fan must read. Kudos to Alejandro Danois for a ridiculously enlightening article. Here is the most important snippet of the whole thing:

“DeMarcus has an edge and he has to watch that at times, but he’s a great dude,” said Strickland. “Once he respects you, you’re good. He’s a good natured dude who is good at heart. But if he senses you being fake, or not being straight up with him, then you might have a problem.”

Now, a lot of people will take this as a shot at Paul Westphal and they should. The better question is why Paul Westphal’s acumen is being judged as subpar to begin with.

While the entire article was mainly about Cousins, that particular paragraph illustrates how political the entire DeMarcus Cousins discussion really is. Which is really enligthening to begin with, but it certainly is illuminating on why Cousins is such a divisive topic for so many people.

For those who are not on Keith Smart, or are in love with Jerry Sloan, this is my biggest worry. It’s not the basketball acumen; it’s simply a generational disconnect. I worry that an older coach like Jerry Sloan who had difficulties getting along with Deron Williams (not the most difficult superstar of all time) when Williams was asking for relatively mundane things would have an innate amount of difficulties dealing with both Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins, but especially Cousins.

Again, please read the article linked up top. While it’s very long, it couldn’t be more worth your time.