Can the Kings make a trade at the trade deadline to improve the team?

Thsi is the question isn’t it? Whom can the Kings trade, why would they trade them, and whom would they trade said player for?

So let’s a get few salary cap thingamahjigs out of the way before we continue on down the pathway of internet improving our beloved assclowns.

Is there any player on the Kings roster that can’t be traded?

The technical answer to this is everyone is eligible to be traded except for Travis Outlaw, and I’m fairly sure (I have a call on the Twitter bat phone to Larry Coon that I hope he’ll answer in the next week–I’m partially kidding here as Coon does a lot of work and always has a ridiculous amount of questions to answer) that Outlaw will be treated as most waiver wire pickup’s are. In otherwords, once 30 passes days after you’ve picked up a player off waivers you are capable of trading that player. So, the point here, is that Outlaw should be tradeable if the amnesty waiver process works as the typical waiver process does. The nice thing is that the Kings are trading a player that has 3 years and 9 million dollars remaining on his salary so that is something should be remembered. While Outlaw has been terrible for the Kings, there is recourse to moving him off the team. The real question would there be any takers? Coon speculated on Dec 8th 2011 that the waiver process of when you would be able to trade that player would be 30 days, and I haven’t found anything since that contradicts that.


Which players should be traded and which players shouldn’t be traded?

Here is the roster as it stands position by position (Note: Each player has 1 position even though player could, can and does play more than 1 position):

PG: Tyreke Evans, Isaiah Thomas, Jimmer Fredette

SG: Marcus Thornton, Francisco Garcia

SF: John Salmons, Donte Greene, Travis Outlaw, Tyler Honeycutt

PF: Jason Thompson, JJ Hickson, Hassan Whiteside

C: DeMarcus Cousins, Chuck Hayes

Now, I will say I don’t agree with positions in general, but this is a rough outline. Let me first eliminate the players I will not trade for any reason.

DeMarcus Cousins, Jason Thompson, Chuck Hayes, Tyler Honeycutt, and Isaiah Thomas. Additionally, unless you are talking about a ridiculously serious upgrade, I would also include Marcus Thornton on this list. While there are plenty of people who would say there shouldn’t be any “untouchables” unless it’s DeMarcus Cousins, the reality here is unless you are getting real upgrades across the board turning over your roster drastically year after year provides very little. That’s the problem with the long term expectation of turning over this roster.

That leaves Whiteside, Hickson, Outlaw, Greene, Salmons, Garcia and Fredette. Among those 7, I’d rather keep (if given 3 and my personal druthers) Fredette, Salmons and Greene. But I wouldn’t say no to an upgrade over any of them. Especially Jimmer.

What about Tyreke Evans?

I wouldn’t make him untouchable. The bigger problem with trading Tyreke is who do you trade him for that’s an upgrade? Deron Williams is one player that comes to mind, but New Jersey has Dwight Howard/Deron Williams dreams and that won’t go away anytime soon.

Short of Deron Williams, who else would be available? Great question, and the answer is likely no-one.

Did you suggest Travis Outlaw, he of the remarkable 36 TS%, is actually tradeable?

Well, actually, the truth is anyone is tradeable. It just depends on the right circumstance. The circumstance that I could see is a scenario, like the one that I’ll spell out down below a bit, where the Kings send out Outlaw out, along with a tradeable player like JJ Hickson for instance, for more money coming back and possibly another bad contract with another player. Example?

A trade with the Charlotte Bobcats might look like this:

Travis Outlaw, JJ Hickson and Hassan Whiteside (if they want him) for Tyrus Thomas and Matt Carrol (I’d be willing to trade for DeSagana Diop instead of Carroll even though Diop is more expensive and I don’t want him for any reason). Why would each team do this?

The Charlotte Bobcats were supposedly considering trading for Andray Blatche in a swap for Tyrus Thomas, but I can’t see that happening because Blatche is a major league knucklehead. Would the Bobcats consider moving Thomas for less money than what he’s owed in Travis Outlaw and a younger possible new version of Thomas in Hickson? Who knows…..but it’s worth a shot. 3 years at 9 million is less than just over 26 million for the next 3 seasons.

At this point, I’m not sure the Kings consider keeping JJ Hickson if they are bringing back Tyrus Thomas. There is little incentive to have both on the roster at the same time.

The always fun remark about trading for Josh Childress!

I’ve said it before I don’t know how many times now, but I really like Childress’ game. The question is he rescuable, and that’s a question that is likely too expensive for the Maloofs and/or Geoff Petrie to answer right now. But the only logical player that I see interesting the Suns is Francisco Garcia, and that’s because Garcia’s contract is ostensibly an expiring contract next season when you factor in the team option for Garcia in the 2013-14 season.

Are there any other kinds of trades available?

I’m sure there are other types of trades available, but I don’t know what they are. The main point of this exercise is to illustrate that A) yes Travis Outlaw is tradeable and B) I still want Josh Childress mainly because I’m insane.

There are really 4 columns of players in this deal.

A) untradeable B) tradeable but the Kings shouldn’t trade them without a major upgrade at their position C) tradeable but there is little reason to trade them or D) completely tradeable for every reason but finding a taker will be the most difficult part

The problem is that Travis Outlaw, JJ Hickson, Hassan Whiteside, John Salmons, Francisco Garcia and Donte Greene do not hold a heavy appeal to other teams. For instance, with Charlotte, the Bobcats could get salary relief from Tyrus Thomas’ contract, but is that what they are really looking for? Sometimes I’m not sure. Teams will say one thing to media/other teams and privately say different things. Part of talking trades in the NBA  is embellishing a position that isn’t really true but sounds perfectly plausible. This is why A) most rumors that do end up happening often are talked about for long periods of time and B) other trades happen without little or no talk because teams were generally not talking up their actual position or C) teams posiitions on something change quickly and often making a decision quickly is the best decision a team can make.

My point on trades is that trading a player who has no appeal to you as the fan of a particular team means, and you can take this to the bank, that that player almost certainly holds little to no appeal for the team you wish to trade that player to.

In otherwords, in case you read all of this, this team has no easy route to fixing what ails them unless players, namely one, grows up. Not a fun or embracing reality if I may say so. Welcome to 2012 Sacramento Kings basketball!