Draft Day Thoughts

This will be brief. As of this writing (which means nothing), the Kings have 2 picks: #5 and #36 overall.

At #5, the usual names bandied about for the last several months might be in play when the Kings select at #5: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Thomas Robinson, and Harrison Barnes remain the 3 most likely guys taken at #5 of the bigger names.

There is speculation that Damian Lillard might be the guy if none of those three are available.

In otherwords, welcome to the NBA Draft where the uncertainty of the one team that holds the key to the draft for the Kings, the Charlotte Bobcats, is in play. Yeah.

What do I expect? I expect a player will be taken at the 5th pick and a NBA team will wind up with that player at some point of time. I know I know, what a limb I went out on there. In truth, predicting what will happen a few hours from now seems worthless given how active Houston has been in the last couple of days, and the Kings could change their mind on the 5th pick depending on who is selected.

If a trade is what Petrie ends up pulling the trigger on, I just hope it’s a trade that makes the Kings better. Would I prefer the Kings take Drummond and trade other players on their roster to get something done? Yes, but I doubt that happens honestly.

As far as the 2nd round picks go, I would love a guy like Jae Crowder, Will Barton, Kim English or even a guy like Robbie Hummel. I’m flexible here because I would love to see a SF taken (especially if the Kings go big with a guy like Drummond) that can step in right away and play if the Kings need him to. Someone that probably won’t be overwhelmed by the demands of the NBA immediately. Like I say, Jae Crowder would probably be my first target. But I doubt Crowder is there because there are multiple teams that will see Crowder as reasonable. If they don’t, though, I hope the Kings roll the dice on him. But, that’s me.

As far as the draft, trades, and everything else, as soon as I can I will have analysis and other things up as soon as I can here. Feel free to leave anything in the comment thread here until the post draft piece comes up.

One piece of advice: Relax. It’s the only real piece of advice I can give, but today is fun. Approach it that way. If you spend your whole day nervous the Kings can’t get that player, you’re going to be mighty upset even if the Kings end up with that guy. I don’t claim to know what relaxes anyone, but I’ll be chatting on Twitter immersing myself doing as little thinking as possible. (Okay not really, but I do find the hysteria around today pretty funny to observe.)


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