DeMarcus Cousins is now suspended indefinitely: Better yet, so what?

My headline is serious. I'll leave this simple as I dont' really care that DeMarcus Cousins is not on the court. This is a guy averaging 16.5 points, 9.5 boards, 41.4% from the field shooting wise, and is one of the reasons the Kings are a terrible defensive team.

Is Keith Smart or Geoff Petrie to blame? Both have their faults, and I'd fire Petrie now. I'd fire Smart if the right change came along assuming there was actual ownership in place to make a change that would make a difference. Read the official teams statement here.

Cousins' poor behavior is on one person: DeMarcus Cousins alone. It is his responsibility to behave appropriately, and no-one elses. Terrible dysfunctional franchise or no, that is the reality. This is DeMarcus Cousins' fault for being inappropriate, and like at many times, in a way that is not conducive to being a professional basketball player in the NBA.

So the Kings are going to get worse even though they are already one of the worse teams with DeMarcus Cousins much of the time? Just because you have talent doesn't mean you get to be an asshole punk kid.

To be honest, I'm pretty excited to see how Thomas Robinson and Jason Thompson play together and I think T-Rob might be able to use this moment to catapult himself into the rotation on a serious basis as opposed to a minute here minute there basis. That would be a change.

I'm over DeMarcus Cousins. You want to talk drama? Go elsewhere. I'm over that shit. Let's talk about a basketball team than histrionics that doesn't mean jack diddly squat let alone produce anything of real value. I haven't been this interested in the season since the beginning of the season that started in Chicago. I'm serious: I really wanna see a JT-T-Rob starting front line to see how it works out. Anything else will be disappointing I suppose. (It's not about Chuck Hayes: I just wanna see T-Rob be him for a change. It hasn't felt like him for awhile.)

Anyway, that's what I got. Peace.