The Maloofs are clueless and reckless in equal measures

The title…yeah that’s pretty much the short version.

The Maloofs don’t want to be in Sacramento. They are backtracking away from a deal they said they were comfortable with. Now they are faced with the reality that the Kings will no longer be theirs. Except, the Family has refused to accept it and will fight to the bitter end.

What will this all mean? It will likely cost the Maloofs the money, the franchise itself, and they will likely lose it all fairly quickly. What can the NBA do? Little in most likelihood. Even with the Maloofs maxed out on their credit line with the NBA, it’s doubtful the NBA can call it all in right now. As long as the Maloofs are not in default, it’s going to be difficult to force them out.

On the other hand, the Maloofs need the NBA’s permission to move and I sincerely doubt that.

Earlier today, Wendell Maxey of Crossover Chronicles (Bloguins NBA blog) wrote a piece stating that David Stern and the NBA need to clean up the situation. Unfortunately, the Maloofs don’t wish to exit gracefully which is a shame on a number of fronts.

My sincere hope is that the Maloofs don’t show up in Sacramento because they couldn’t be any lower. My sincere hope is that fans don’t throw things at them, or do more than boo. i hope anyone reading this remembers that the NBA isn’t just watching the Maloofs (as they have to) but the fans reaction to all this. Boo all you want, that’s your right as a paying customer, but don’t throw things at the Maloofs or anyone else. Keep composed. This fight is far from over. The Maloofs just played their desperate cards, and in all likelihood this mess will be cleaned up soon.

The only question that remains will the NBA fight the Maloofs and keep the arena financing mechanism on track. I hope the NBA does, for all parties sake, but I’m not hopeful at this point.

There is no question that after today’s ill-fated comical presser in New York, George Maloof is a bond villian, and that any future relationship with the Maloofs and Sacramento is 100% dead. It’s over now for good. The question remains: Where do the Kings land?

I’m going to cross my fingers and hope for the best. That’s all there is at this point.